Intelligent Flexographic Prepress Workflow.

Whether you’re a brand, manufacturer, or graphic arts professional, our flexographic prepress services are designed to optimize your printing process right from the start. And we understand the critical role that prepress plays in achieving exceptional print results.

Our team works closely with you to ensure that every aspect of your design, color management, and artwork is meticulously prepared for the best possible outcome on press.

Prepress software for flexographic printing

Cutting-edge Prepress Software

Our flexo prepress workflow is built upon the cutting-edge ESKO Automation Engine prepress and color management software.

The software’s advanced capabilities streamlines processes ensuring precision, efficiency, and exceptional print results.

Advanced Quality Check System

Our thorough 39-point quality check system applies a proprietary “3C” principle (Correct-Content-Codes).

We utilize the latest technology that compares final production files against approved ones, detecting errors like missing ingredient text, wrong nutrition facts, missing UPC bar, etc. And all codes are digitally scanned & verified with bar width reduction.

software for quality control of flexo prepress
experience flexo prepress technicians

Experienced Flexographic Prepress Technicians

Our skilled flexo prepress technicians and customer service staff boast decades of invaluable experience, guaranteeing top-notch results.

Our staff undergoes rigorous industry training, emphasizing quality system checks to maintain exceptional standards.

Enhanced Customer Care

To further enhance customer experience, we offer onsite customer service and color-accurate proofing devices when needed. We understand the importance of accuracy and collaboration throughout the process.

Data security is paramount to us, which is why we provide cloud-based, secure daily file backups. Our clients can rest assured that their files are protected and readily accessible upon request.

enhanced customer care for flexo prepress
art file management for prepress

File Management and Security

We provide robust data security and version control:

  1. Obsolete file versions are purged from our system to ensure only current/approved file versions are accessible.
  2. All prepress files and hi-res images are stored on a MFA (Multifactor Authentication) protected network.
  3. Prepress files are backed up locally to a secure NAS (Network-Attached Storage) drive daily on a 28-day retention with additional MFA cloud backups monthly and annually.

flexoGraphic prepresS FAQS

Flexographic prepress refers to the preparation and optimization of artwork and images before they are transferred onto flexographic printing plates.

It is a crucial stage in the printing process as it ensures that the final print quality meets the desired standards, accuracy, and consistency.

The key steps in the flexographic prepress workflow include image processing, color separation, trapping, proofing, and plate production.

These steps ensure that the artwork is correctly prepared, colors are separated accurately, proper alignment is achieved, and the final plates are created for printing.

Digital files are prepared for flexographic printing using specialized prepress software. The files are processed to optimize resolution, color spaces, and print layouts.

The prepress team ensures that the artwork is suitable for the printing process and makes any necessary adjustments.

Common file formats used for submitting artwork to the flexographic prepress department include PDF (Portable Document Format), TIFF (Tagged Image File Format), and AI (Adobe Illustrator) files.

These formats preserve image quality and are easily editable if needed.

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