Color Management

Color Management and Press Profiling

We understand that every printing press is unique and requires specific adjustments to achieve optimal performance. Our color management, press profiling, and fingerprinting services enable you to fine-tune your printing process, reducing waste, enhancing color accuracy, and maximizing overall efficiency.

Extended Gamut Expertise

Extended gamut printing expands the traditional CMYK color model to include additional colors, offering a broader color range and enhanced accuracy in reproducing vibrant and complex hues.

Our expertise in extended gamut allows us to deliver prints with unparalleled color richness and consistency, setting your products apart from the competition.

Accurate Proof Translation

We understand that matching proofs is crucial to your printing success. Our advanced software and proofing devices enable us to translate fingerprint data into super accurate proofs.

This process ensures that what you see on the proofs will be faithfully replicated on the press, guaranteeing consistent and reliable results every time.

press profiling and fingerprinting ink data

Closed Loop Process

We provide ink and press data to all parties involved in the printing process. This closed-loop approach creates a seamless connection between prepress, ink formulation, and press operations, resulting in quick color matching on press with limited downtime.

You can rely on our comprehensive process to streamline your production and optimize efficiency.

Press Change-Over Savings

By reducing the need for frequent ink changes and press adjustments, we help you save valuable time and resources.

This cost-effective solution not only improves your bottom line but also enhances your overall printing capabilities.

flexographic printing press checks

Color Management & Press profiling FAQS

Color management in flexographic printing prepress involves the systematic control of color throughout the entire printing workflow. It ensures that colors are accurately represented from the initial design phase to the final printed product.

This process is crucial for maintaining brand consistency, meeting customer expectations, and achieving high-quality, visually appealing packaging.

Effective color management helps minimize variations and ensures that the intended colors are faithfully reproduced on the printed materials.

Press profiling involves calibrating and optimizing the printing press to achieve accurate and consistent color reproduction. It helps match the colors in the final print to the desired color standard, ensuring brand consistency and customer satisfaction.

Press profiling in flexographic printing is specific to the flexo process and the characteristics of the printing press. It involves tailoring color adjustments and settings to optimize the printing results on various substrates.

While the principles of color management remain similar, the application is unique to the flexographic method.

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